Topic outline

  • COURSE SUMMARY & explanation of Hybrid Format

    Through a variety of ways, we examine the story of Jesus, God's Son.  Using the text, "Jesus of History, Christ of Faith" as a base line, we develop awareness and understanding of the story of the humanity of Jesus and the implications for faith of His being God's Son and our Deliverer.  Through notes, movies, and readings, we compare and contrast the development of our own story to that of God's people and their Saviour in Jesus Christ.  Through a Gospel study, we reflect and examine what is known of Jesus' story and what his story can mean to us in the present day.

    In keeping with modern day skill demands, students will be required to respond & utilize this Moodle classroom.   Most or all assignments will be posted here for students to access beyond the classroom; to obtain extra copies or to watch public-access resources.  In addition, there will be several online chat/forum assignments for which students will be expected to respond, either through the forum, or by email ( or by low-tech means, paper.  Low-tech responses are accepted, as are high-tech ones.

    Please keep in mind that anything you put on-line can be seen by the teacher, other classmates, parents (potentially) and possibly the public.  Always assume whatever you post anywhere online is seen by anybody: be careful.


    Please be sure that all late assignments have been submitted to me by June 8th, 2018.  Late assignments after this date can be submitted, but will not be considered for evaluation unless needed for evidence of sufficient learning to pass the course.

    • Community Service

      What is Community Service?.mp4

      Youth Volunteerism.mp4

      Hidden Potential.mp4

      Please watch these videos explaining WHY we need community service, and the restrictions & expectations of our community service program.  This is a segment of our Christian Ethics courses which amounts to 20% of the course assessment and is very important to complete.  Please be sure to view if you prefer hearing and seeing the explanation; or you can view the paper copy of our policy statement.

    • Faith Goals Journal Assignment

      An element of making a journey is taking it in stages ... an extra-long journey may mean many smaller steps along the way and planning your route, booking hotels, where will you stop for meals, buying plane tickets, saving money, etc.  

      So it is with faith as well.  As you have seen with Abraham and Moses, they did not know the destination, but trusted in God as they journeyed.  So, in a paragraph, discuss what small goals you might set as you journey toward a greater relationship with, and understanding of, God.  Suggest at least TWO small goals, AND their hoped-for effects, which would see you develop/grow in your spiritual journey.   This could involve creating opportunities for prayer, seeking out elders/pastors/others with questions, listening to others, journalling, etc.

      Due: April 27th

    • Gospel Study Project

      Students will be assigned the task of reading one of the Gospels.  This is to both familiarize themselves with one of the major sources of Jesus' story and to allow them to reflect on what we may learn from Jesus' activities and teachings for our own faith and life journey.  This is done through filling out a section by section reading of a Gospel.

    • Movie Support

      This is for when you need a break from reading your Gospel, or wish to see it as a support to reading it.  Below are links to videos - available on

      The Gospel according to Luke

      The Gospel according to Matthew